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So while I'm here, let me post Take 2 of Kit's ShinMin porn that is taking me abysmally long to do.  I used a completely different style for this take than the previous one.  I wonder if it’s an annoying style…?  I hope not.  It's kind of basically me saying ‘ShinMin are whores for each other’ and using pretty wording to romanticize it.  :D  no really, it’s totally obvious in so many places.  There also might be undertones of Sungmin’s thoughts on the world’s view on their relationship and homosexuality, but meh, only if you want to focus on that and not feel fuzzy and warm from gooey girly Shinmin sex – what?  I’ll call it what it is, I’m not deluded.



There is nothing like good early morning sex, Sungmin thinks as he brushes his lips just so along the place where Donghee’s neck gives way to an ear, in that one certain way – all languid and complacent and comfortable.  Donghee hums, sounding sleep warmed and pleased, and slides his hands along the curves of Sungmin’s sides gently.


Sungmin thanks god and the powers that be for the occasional days off (and that this is one of them and never mind that they probably should be taking this rare chance to sleep in, sure he’s very tired, Donghee is too, and it’s rather early – oh six o’clock?  He could scoff, they’ve woken up earlier against their will on a too busy day, really, and he feels awake enough to mess around a little, with no overwhelming expectations, no build up and unnecessary anticipation, and just, why not?  It’s a day off, and they’re only going to fall back asleep afterwards, anyway.) and curls his fingers into the tangles of Donghee’s mussed hair, kissing his way up his cheek idly.


“Good morning.” Donghee says, his tongue heavy and slurring the words together, smiling against Sungmin’s lightly pressing mouth and, through heavy lidded eyes, the sun is peeking through the blinds in such a way that it gives the room a golden kind of glow that just invites.  (Maybe Sungmin is imagining that.  He doesn’t really care.)


Sungmin sighs happily in response and rests his hands against the cool pillow, nuzzling into the softness of Donghee’s skin sleepily.  Donghee laughs at this, voice deep and rich, as he skims his fingertips tenderly past the waistband of Sungmin’s pajama pants and it makes something inside Sungmin (he feels like he should say it’s his heart, because –) clench almost painfully (he loves loves loves loves –) and he lets his eyes flutter close and gives in to the warmth of emotions bubbling up low in his stomach.


It’s all very unhurried, unrushed, slow and lazy and there’s not a lot of talking, not a lot to say.  Sungmin alternates between fingertips and lips to trace the contours of Donghee’s face – his mouth, his chin, the ridges of his nose, where exactly his cheek bones are, the way his forehead gradually rises into prominence at his eyebrows, how his pulse feels underneath the temples – and lets his arms stay bent and draped over the pillow, framing Donghee’s head.


He barely makes a sound as Donghee probes carefully drowsy fingers into him and basks in the bars of light falling across the bed from the rising sun.


All he hears are birds chirping outside the window and leisurely rolls his hips into Donghee’s, grins at the intrigued look he receives, and parts his lips ever so slightly to breathe out, controlled and long exhale, quick and sharp inhale, as Donghee gives him a squeeze.


Everything is soft soft soft about this morning; the kisses deliberately placed with no destination – no ultimate goal – in mind, the sunshine as it filters in through the cracks and lights up their world, the sheets rustling and settling over their forms – with the scent of fabric softener – of flowers and of grassy fields sinking into their bones, the emotions floating so tangibly in the air that Sungmin feels like he could grab them in his hands and hold them close.


Sungmin thinks to laugh, at himself and at his thoughts and how dreadfully sappily romantic he’s being, as Donghee slides into him, but can only concentrate on how to spread his legs enough to accommodate and how to press his face into the pillow right next to Donghee’s head and breathe in a nose full of the smell of Donghee’s shampoo against invasive pressure he should be more used to.


Donghee pushes up into, Sungmin presses back down onto, it is teamwork in its clearest definition for them.


His thoughts are hazy and unfocused, not quite racing, but still something almost disjointed, (that feels – we don’t do this enough – I wonder if we – let’s have omelets for breakfast – I can’t –) and his thighs fit perfectly alongside Donghee’s waist, aligning his hips and trailing down his legs and the pressure is building, spreading, oh.


It’s seamless, the whole ordeal, a rhythm that barely builds and on any other day, at any other time, if they weren’t so sleepy and completely fine with that, it would be frantic by this point, all rush and want and lust for more and to be pushed over the edge.  But it is this day, it is early morning, and they are sleepy and proud to be so (Sungmin has an inkling that his thoughts are becoming more and more redundant but that’s okay, he could care less, and he mumbles half words and connotative sounds of general happiness as his thighs slide back and forth, up and down, against Donghee’s sides, slightly rounded and he’s not all lanky sinew and bones and Sungmin likes it like that, he has substance to him and it’s not painful to press the angles of their bodies together and it feels right) so they take their time and enjoy it, stretch it out and make it last, and this kind of sex is so fulfilling, so perfect, so fitting for the two of them.


Sungmin pays no attention to when either of them come, and neither does Donghee; they aren’t driven by those sorts of trivialities right now.  This is about sharing a moment and saying I love you in a roundabout way and about trying to keep up and even is to just say hello, I’ve missed you while we’ve been busy.


At some point they do come, but even after they do Donghee keeps pushing and Sungmin keeps pressing and they gradually taper off into a stop in a mutual decision, a wordless understood agreement.


They lay on each other and Sungmin breathes in the heady scent of sweat and sex and kisses Donghee’s brow, lets his eyes flicker open for a moment to look at him.  Donghee is staring right back up at him and there is a faint smile in the crinkles of his eyes and he laughs, leaves a trail of kisses over Sungmin’s chin and up the side of his jaw and finally stops at the edge of his mouth.


“Good morning.” Sungmin finally remembers to say, already drifting off back to sleep and he figures they can wake up an hour or two later and shower together and wash each other’s backs and make omelets for breakfast and care about the outside world and the people in it and what they think.  Right now, he’s done, he’s sleepy and he’s fine with where he is and where he stands.


Donghee understands, always does, gives Sungmin’s head a little pat, the hair a little ruffle, runs a hand past his shoulder blades, and lets it settle somewhere below his shoulder blades and above the small of his back.


There is nothing like good early morning sex, Sungmin thinks as he snuggles closer and falls back asleep.




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