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Oh, the things I write.

So my habit of posting all over the place made the creation of this post painful.  Also, because I feel the need to constantly explain myself, everything is followed by some sort of nonsensical comment/summary/ramblething, and there's a lot of unnecessary caps locking going on here but that's to be expected of me.  Everything's in a semi-chronological order-ish. ...right.

((And hey, here's a handy dandy little key:  #   =  I'm not embarrassingly unsatisfied with it  |  *   =  There is emotional attachment to it!  |  ~   =  IS IN LOVE WITH :DDDD))

\last updated 9/07/08 -- or, at least, some time around then\

Super Junior

I'm your number one fan; #|  Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 |# : heechul gets kidnapped by a crazy fan, because that darn 2nd person illness that went around kpop fandom got me.  and recently I finally made changes to the first two parts, so they aren't half bad, and the third one sits pretty okay with me.  so basically there isn't a good reason for my not finishing this story, I'll leave it at that.

baa; ~here |~ : possibly my favorite story I've ever written, like, really.  sungmin brings a goat home for reasons never explained, yehsung makes the world difficult, and there's notsoninja!kangteuk.  what else can you ask for?

death by my occupation and ferry my kin; *here |* : er, more heechul 2nd person fic! this has kichul and other things.  also called RIAN THINKS SHE CAN BE POIGNANT AND FAILS THUSLY. D:

i don't even remember what I titled it but it's movie!verse; | here | : it's pretty badly written sex.  like, that's about it, except I've had someone recognize me in a conversation by going 'OMG I TTLY KNOW WHY YOU'RE FAMILIAR, YOU WROTE MOVIE!VERSE SHIWOOK AND I LOVED IT.'  ha ha, OH YOOMIE, INFLATING MY EGO.


shinmin; | Take 1 ~Take 2 |~   | : basically kit asked for shinmin -- concerning both suju and dbsk min -- and I got all excited and promised her shinmin, shinmin, AND shinminmin, except it's taken me a year to get only two done.  I've found out that writing long smut is tiresome.  and what's up with where my squiggles are, you ask?  it means I just really loved the second take, the first take sucked and the third take hasn't even been thought about yet.

shoes; | here | : kibum annnnngst.  for no reason whatsoever.  it's called shoes because I had discovered seeya's song 'shoes' and kept listening to it.  also, I lied to people who asked for a sequel/prequel and I said 'oh FINE THEN' to.  in case that isn't obvious.  I didn't like it enough to keep going with the idea and to this very day I'm sure I'm the only one who understands what the premises of this fic are. :P

ssss!universe fic o'doom; | here | : here we have kibum backstory.  this was around when raiknii and I began our relationship of massive proportions.  it was quickly established that I was her whore. D:  also, I do not see myself finishing this fic up unless andrea tells me to. but then again, she told me to do something else and I totally haven't even gotten started on it and we haven't talked in forever and I miss her.

i have superpowers; ~here |~ : in which suju tries to get on a plane and go somewhere.  alternatively known as SEE THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS or EUNHYUK IS STUPID AND USES HIS CELL PHONE ON THE PLANE LIKE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO or WHAT I STEREOTYPE?  WELL, ONLY FOR FUN SOMETIMES, I PROMISE.

sighs of the immortal; *here |* : featuring immortal!ryeowookie who dies a lot, or something.  this was a start of me mass killing people in fics, btw, the amount of characters I've killed in fic since this story, including fic I've written and haven't posted, is horrible. (oh and this is supposedly a humorous story?)

starlet; | here | : minwook/ryeomin/wthdoyoucallthispairing?, because ane made me do it and did I mention that I'm her whore too?  I'm a lot of people's whore, and it's just not fair.

kyuhyun's unfair situation in china; ~here |~ : qmi!  snarkybrattygirl!kyuhyun!  pervysneakygrinning!zhoumi!  in china!

kendra is a bitch; ~first trysecond try |~ : so kendra asked me for hyukhae.  or, whatever, I don't remember, but the point is I ended up trying to write her hyukhae and I went through two full length fics because it just wasn't working out and I was leaving in a couple days for camp and she coerced me by being all 'oh, it's okay, post them anyway, iluuu' AND I BELIEVED HER AND SHE TURNED AROUND AND PIMPED ME OUT TO PEOPLE WHO I SILENTLY STALK.  DAMMIT KENDRA, THAT'S NOT LOVE.

and why not?  any and everything I've ever done in any sm/sujukink meme and other assortments of commentfics; | yoochun/jaejoong, chunnie has a sexy voice *hyuksu bestfriendship phonesex |* kangmin rough sex that is horrible and I thought we were over writing strange pointless angst BUT I GUESS NOT?sungmin/sooyoung, and wow, the realistic quality is nonexistent here, don't, idk, don't read it? *kangteuk catholic school girl roleplay except kangin is too horny to care and they just yell at each other a lot, and just, I don't write kangteuk enough.yehchul, rock star AU, one of the prompts was leather pants, SO. | I think I'm funny. like, really. and people humor me and tell me that I am and it's just a bad situation. |* : here is concrete evidence as to why I shouldn't be allowed to write smut.  or anything, for that matter.  full of ridiculous and not entirely realistic things and typos, I'm pretty sure, if I'm remembering correctly.


the epic drunk changmin series that's ends with minwan!; #Part 1Part 2APart 2BPart 3APart 3B |# : I had gotten home from king's dominion and the fluid in my ears would not calm down and let me be not-dizzy, so I stayed up and edited a drabble thing.  which then started to grow in length.  and then I posted it because I thought it was a brilliant idea, only it really wasn't.  this is somewhat a transition piece, because my writing style was somewhat, ah, inbetweeny.  oh, and the only reason part 2 and 3 are split up in two parts is because lj insisted that the chapters in their entireties were too large.  I...don't get livejournal and html and coding sometimes.

b-day yoosumin for amy; | Set 1Set 2Set 3 | : it's thirty one drabbles of yoosumin.  I haven't read this in a while, I just remember blowing off spanish homework to write this so I'd post it by her birthday (which was that very day I was writing), so I get stressed whenever I try to read it because I remember, oh god, how I was up at three in the morning trying to finish a spanish essay or something. 

quintessential sparkles in the dark; #here |# : a yoosu birthday gift for avril that I avoided getting feedback on (because I'm strange like that, feedback scares me. :/) by sending it to her through email and then posting it here on the downlow in a dated entry that had previously been made and privated, so it wouldn't pop up on anyone's flist by the time I made it public.  I R SO NINJA?  it's a bit.....there is 'um' factor and strange writing but that's just how I roll.

long!fic; ~| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 |~ : was a contest at the yoomin comm that I took up as a personal challenge.  surprisingly, I went as far as to write MORE that the required 10,000 words for the category I signed up for!  it starts out a bit slow and annoying -- all my fics tend to -- but I'm in love with it by the end.  I'm not going to lie, I'm still finding typos and some parts are far much better than others and sometimes the flow is a bit mucky, but still, I worked so hard on it and I'm very very proud of it.  this piece has my love, always.


double hj for the masses; | here | : my first two ss501 fics, clumped together in one post.  they're pretty mediocre, so don't expect too much from them.  ah, and of course there's bad sex in the second fic, what, I have a problem.

Old Stuff/Abandoned Stuff/I wish I had never written it, maybe idk.

random drabble thing featuring anthrowolf!kaidoh; | here | : very old, the writing style is all sorts of icky, a lot of things under this category will be.  'tis PoT fandom! :o and alas, I've yet to write the full story of this that I've promised her, though we don't talk anymore

more anthrowolf!verse, except renji!centric and in first person POV ew; | here | : I used to be under the impression that I was an awesome writer.

happy birthday; | here | : my first suju fic ever and wow I've come a long way.  deals with hankyung's belated birthday party in june and excuse the issues with characterization.

arts and crafts; | here | : kangteuk.  my SECOND suju fic.  what was wrong with me when I wrote this?  and hoooomg, sungmin, I am so sorry, there are some mindset changes you have to make when you start writing in real life fandoms and I had not realized said changes yet.

camping; | here | : shichul.  this was what, my third suju fic?  exactly.  oh and there's horrible sex because, ftw, apparently I'm a sex fiend?

heechul birthday fic; | here | : you know, back when I made the effort to do things for idols' birthdays. yeah.  oh and it's sichul because I had strong bias in '07.

pink makes you feel better; | here | : kyumin, sungmin being cute, and kyuhyun putting up with it because he loves his hyung.  oh and as for what the author's note means about apology, basically I did something really stupid and got scolded by the mods for it. D: so I felt bad and apologized.  all's well that ends well.

OH NO THE BORE THIS WAS A HORRIBLE STORY;Part 1Part 2Part 3 | : it could have been a hilarious and entertaining story with shindong as a main character, if I wasn't so rambly and unable to properly write out the flow in chapter stories.  my favorite part i.e. the only chapter I liked is the chapter that I never posted and never will, despite the incredibly funny outline I have drawn out and still sitting on my computer.

a flowerpatch of insanity; | here | :  changmin!insanity fic. apparently people really like this fic because I still get comments on it sometimes and someone asked me where it was when I privated it because I was considering deleting it, because she was going to rec it.  really, what?  this is such pointless angst and the writing is so bumpy and painful to read through.  but alas, there is a lot of pointless angst in my journal.  it was a phase, okay guys?

some sichul drabbles because I am one of the few people who like that pairing; | here | : this also got recced by someone and I'm not entirely sure why.

heechul's haircut; | here | : full of fluff and disney references!  oh, and stuttering eeteuk makes a brief appearance.

show me, a continuation; | here | : it's kangteuk for someone, I was bribed, old porn fic is old.  and icky.

requested drabbles; | Drabble 1Drabble 2 | : ah, a classic example of how I cannot finish things when I'm asked nicely and left alone to take care of it on my own.  I am never going to ask for mass fic requests again because, while I only had ten to do, I still didn't do them because I felt overwhelmed.  I know, what, right?  also, I still haven't checked over the second one and fixed the whole bad chinese lesson going down in there.  because fail is my chinese.

coffee prince ficlet; | here | : urm.  it's a cute and funny drama?  DON'T JUDGE ME.

and on a little broomstick; | Part 1Part 2 | : dbsk!centric, was something I just...started, and then grew bored of.  rather quickly.  um...oh, on 8/13/08 I updated part 2 with the unfinished bits that had been sitting on my computer and called it quits.



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