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Perpetually Confused.

keysmashing my way into history!
This journal has seen a lot of action. I started it when I was fourteen (!) so just know that the earlier entries are crap. Most of the entries are crap actually, until very very recently. I have a master fic list but it's dated before the fics I didn't include in the list, so it is probably the sixth or seventh entry down, if you want to see almost everything I've written pre-September 2008. I don't know, look around if you want but just know that you won't be too impressed here.

Basically, this is just a fandom journal now, I lurk around comms and sometimes comment, participate in various fandom activities, and post fic to my fic journal (the link to that is in the first entry). I'm actually really shy and am bordering on reclusive a lot lately so friending and commenting are not something you should be afraid of. I might not friend you back for absolutely no other reason other than I don't friend people with this journal. Like, just because, there is literally no reason. Nothing's locked except for personal-ish things, so don't worry. You're not missing out. Also, I should probably wrap this up. So, um, last thing, a heads up: I probably abuse capslock in comments. In fact, yes, I do. Watch out for that.
afros, being naked when alone, cream cheese on pizza, dancing/flailing about, everything about water, ivysaur, manly men, old school pokemon, pancakes, pink dove soap, short hair, the 90s, windy days, writing, your mom